Extension » Overview of building an extension

Thanks to our 30 years’ experience, we are the constructor in the region The Hague. Therefore, we can sketch a clear picture of which activities have to be done to build an extension/ conservatories.

Overview of building an extension/ conservatories
– Depending on the soil class, a construction starts with driving the steel piles or steel foundation.

For the foundation, the following activities are carried out before concrete is poured:
o To place the isolated concrete beam foundation (PS insulation floors (VBI))
o To construct sewers
o To install the electric cabling
o To construct pipes
– If the foundation is finished, the steel constructions / steel portals (back facade) are placed. For the conservatory, the construction can be placed in the desired color. You can choose from 400 RAL colors.

– For a masoned extension, the frames are placed in the steel structures. you can choose from different materials such as hardwood (Meranti, Merbau or Grenen), synthetic and aluminum window frames. Furthermore, you can also choose for regular glass or subsidized isolation glass (HR++)

– When the frames are placed, the walls will be brick laid. Brick laying can be done in several brick patterns, among other things cross link, standing link and half stone link with different kind of bricks like lime sand stones, baked barge and concrete barge. Ventilation systems can be included with the frames while building the walls. Thanks to the ventilation system, the air will be refreshed automatically and will prevent foul odor and mold.

– After brick laying, the space between the bricks needs to be joint. Several jointing are possible like including flush jointing suck jointing, shadow jointing and cut and carved jointing etc.

– The floors, walls and roof will be isolated.

– Install climate control like heating.

– The floor will be finished with sand cement.

– Several options are possible for the roof:
o To place the wooden beams or to place concrete plates as roof.
o To place the roof covering
o To place lighting rows or domes

– To place gutters for the rain water. the gutters can be provided by us in several materials like plastic, zinc, aluminium or metal.

– We can also provide and place a door to the garden. The doors can be provided and placed in several colors and materials like plastic, wood and aluminium. The doors can be including special hinges and thieves claws.

– To install several electric installations like cabling, built-in sockets, switches, lights and/or air condition.

– To place an optional fireplace.

– The decoration of the wall can be done in several materials like stucco, wallpaper or paint.

– To paint all wooden frames, walls and ceiling with qualitatively material of Sikkens or other brands.

– There are several materials for floor covering like tiles and laminate.

– Finally, there are several options for blinds and window coverings. For the inside, there are several options like shutters, roll blinds and venetian blinds. For the outside, there are several options like awnings, folding arms, outside screens and shutters.

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