Renovations » Facade work

Thanks to our 30 years’ experience, we are the constructor in the region The Hague to do all facade activities. Facade work exists from several type of activities. below can you can make a choice between the different activities to the gable:
Do you want to give your facade a fresh look? We clean the facade with a environment friendly mix of water and sand under high pressure. After cleaning we can do other activities which will follow below.

We can perform all bricklaying activities in and around your house. We can choose for several kind of patterns like bows, cross link, standing link and half stone link. We can also repair facades, extensions, garden walls and/ or foundations.

Concrete and stone
We can repair concrete and stones at balcony, stairs and others. For example a reparation on loose hanging concrete: we will remove the loose hanging concrete, remove the rust from the weaponry and finish it with plaster. This will go along for 3 years. A long term solution (15 years) will be to remove as much as possible of the concrete, to make a form work around the empty piece and to fill it with construction concrete.

Do you stucco or stone ornaments need to be replaced or renovated? We can repair or replace the ornaments. In case of replacing the ornament, we can supply and place it in concrete or stone.

Jointing in a bad state will damage the facade. The damage will become tearing or water problems in the house with high risk of mold. We can help you with renovating the joints of your facades. We can joint in all kind of ways like flush jointing, suck jointing, shadow jointing and cut and carved jointing. By maintaining the facade and joints, you prevent problems in the future and increase the environment inside the house.

Brickes which are overloaded with water, will let water come into the house. This can become a leakage. By impregnate the facade, you can prevent water problems in the house, because the brick will reject the water from the facade. This will not only prevent water problems inside the house, but it will also prevent mold growth on the facade itself.